Ali Salah

Why Apple feels different than Google?

June 16, 2019

Google feels like your easy-going friend you meet everyday. Being close makes you know their weaknesses, but you get to accept it because you like their company.

Google's building

Apple feels like your good looking super successful friend you’re secretly attracted to. They’re so busy though, so you only meet once a year.

Apple's building

This article answers why do they feel this way? It’s all about design and brand.


Both Apple and Google choose simple and minimal design. However, their intent for doing this is very different.

Google’s “simple” is more like:

  • Put main functionality at center.
  • No bullshit unneeded things.
  • Make it easy to use.


Apple’s “simple” is more like:

  • It should look elegant.
  • Don’t add visual clutter.
  • Get it slimmer and sexier.


And these approaches make sense for them as businesses.

Google makes tools that they want you to use everyday. They want it be easy. Confused when searching? We put a single input at the center of the whole page! No extra stuff = No excuse.


Apple makes products that should attract you to buy. They need Airpods to be unique status symbols. When you’re asked why you use them, you say they just work. And they actually do!



Google’s brand is friendly. Apple’s brand is godly.

In front of Googleplex are fun Android statues. Apple park is mostly elegant transparent glass.


Google’s logo is colorful. Apple’s logo is set in stone.


Google is famous to put pointless easter eggs and april fool jokes. Apple is trend-setting. It’s only followed and never follows.


Google uses every social media platform. Apple uses Twitter and YouTube for uploading ads and they disable the comments.


When Google stops a product. It’s not a big deal. It’s like your close friend when they break a promise. You’ll accept it and remind yourself of good things they do.


If Apple breaks a promise. It’s a huge public failure. Everyone talks about it! They’re this super successful friend who is expected to never make a mistake.


End result:

  • You like using Google products.
  • You’re attracted to buy an Apple product.

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