Ali Salah

Focus on the landing page!

February 05, 2019

You spent the last six months building your product. You then launch, annnd.. no one… uses ittt!

What went wrong, you ask? You focused on the product more that the market fit. You added features more than trying to reach people.

A big mistake we always do is focusing on product features and ignoring the landing page!

Visitors might only see the landing page!

For starters, most visitors to your website will only see the landing page. Even if you mastered conversion. No one ever reaches a conversion rate of 50 percent!

You might think non-converted visitors don’t matter. But a better way to view it is that the landing page is like an ad for your product. And it’s not just an ad; You’re getting the visitor’s full attention for the many seconds they spend. You can either give a good or bad first impression. And maybe, they’ll convert after a while!

Users were once just landing page visitors!

Most users are actually converted because they were convinced by the landing page. After all, no one can see your product without signing up. They convert based on what you promise on the landing page.

So next time, before thinking of product features to add that no one will ever use, consider giving your landing page more love! Make sure it delights and converts visitors. Then you can add features..

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