Ali Salah

How to get started working!

November 28, 2018

If this is your first read, then maybe you’re in the right place. But I know it’s your 57th read on how to fuckin’ get start working!

You think it’s funny, right? Close this already!

Start now.

You guessed it! The first step to start working now is to “just” start working now! I’m telling you, I have nothing to add to the 56 articles you already read!

I told you to close this tab or your whole shitty browser! Why you still here?!

(Tick) start now.

Always do a clicky thing before you start. This might be:

  • Play some music.
  • Tidy your desk or workspace.
  • Prepare a cup of coffee.
  • Click on a pomodoro timer with a tzezezeee sound.

Feel free to close this post and do that clicky thing!

Tick. start (one thing) now.

Don’t even try to start unless you wanna do only one thing!

If there are a bazillion different things in your head, your shitty brain has one more excuse to watch youtube instead!

Write one thing to start your day with. Add other stuff later!

You know that one thing isn’t to read this post, right?

Tick. Start one (tiny) thing now.

Start with the easiest, tiniest thingy. If it takes more than 5 minutes, fuck it! Do another thing.

Your brain will say it’s too much. It’s much easier to infinitely scroll Instagram!

This is getting kinda long and boring AF. Maybe it’s time to close it?

Tick. Start (only) one tiny thing now.

Sorry to let you know this, but your brain can’t multitask! It’s kinda harsh, but the machine you’re looking at is better!

No matter how much you try, it just can’t. It’s the brain you got and you gotta deal with it..

Remove phones, distractions, desktop notification while working. Stop scrolling through twitter while working!

Almost forgot to tell you to close this page!

You finished this.

There is even no point in telling you to close.

Just close me, finally!

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