Ali Salah

The Flow

December 04, 2018

the flow

I saw your tweet today, but I didn’t like or reply. Cause I’d be the only one!

Then I clicked your avatar to stalk a little bit. Your tweets are great, but I didn’t follow you because your followers count is too low.

Yesterday, I listened to a song at my local cafe, and I loved it! I quickly grabbed my phone and opened shazam to find its title. But damn, the artist was Justin Bieber! I didn’t share it with my friends like I always do.

Another day, I saw a girl in my classroom for the first time. I wanted to sit next to her and talk, but I didn’t. She seemed new and didn’t have any friends.

We all do this. We go with the flow. We follow the crowd. We conform to other people’s opinions, ideas and beliefs.

I’m now wondering how would my life change if I listened to my own judgment? Would I like other things? Have opposite beliefs? Take a different direction?

Would my life be better? I can’t really know.

But at least, I would be more like myself. More true to me.

I would simply do more things I enjoy. And zero things to impress!

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