Ali Salah

Stop meta making

February 01, 2019

PewDiePie creates a reddit community for meme submissions. One week later: all memes are about PewDiePie.

Makers create communities. One week later: all projects are made for other makers! Maker tasks, maker profiles, maker widgets and maker news!

We meta-make for many reasons. It’s easier to solve our own problems and it’s much easier to market to other makers; We’re all members of the same helpful community.

For PewDiePie, meta-memes turns out pretty good for his videos. Viewers are already familiar with him, so meta-memes are more relevant and funny.

But is meta-making a positive phenomenon?

Unless it’s just for fun or for dev experience, meta-making isn’t a very good idea.

First, it’s likely not profitable. Most makers are reluctant to pay for projects; We’re all bootstrapping, and we try to solve our own problems.

Also, the maker market isn’t big enough to support all these projects. Meta projects that actually get decent revenue are rare: only wip chat!

Even if I’m just practicing, I won’t get marketing skills during meta-making; It’s easier to market to makers! Just post on product hunt, which is followed by all makers!

That’s why I avoid working on meta-ideas. Even if it’s used by makers, my idea should also be useful to other markets or audiences.

Advice time: avoid meta-making, for better revenue and experience.

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